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Katja Hirschfeld



  • I studied English and German for several years at university in Samara, Russia
  • Then I studied in Germany and graduated from the University of Stuttgart in 2010, where I majored in English and Political Science. French is my third foreign language



  • I’ve done three internships at different schools (one in Russia, two in Germany)
  • I’ve been giving private lessons in foreign languages for over 10 years now
  • Since January 2015 I’ve been giving classes in foreign languages only via Skype



During my studies in Russia and Germany I was also involved in some extracurricular activities, mostly organising various cultural events of my university and taking care of foreign students. All this has given me the unique opportunity to get to know different cultures, practice my languages and simply get acquainted with some extraordinary people.



I also enjoy art and love visiting museums. In every new town I always try to go there and see what local culture has to offer.



Most of all I adore architecture! I believe that architecture tells us more about the past than any books! Well, because it doesn’t have any subjective opinions and cannot manipulate you.



Sometimes I enjoy going to the theatre and watching a good musical.



Books on European history are my favourites! I like nothing more than to read them when I get to have an evening for myself. Anything that has even a slight connection with history interests me the most – books, movies, paintings, museums…


Since my job requires me to spend so much time at the computer, I try to spend my weekends in the fresh air and enjoy nature. The cosy country Belarus, where I currently live with my family, offers so many breathtaking landscapes that I regret not having the ability to paint. Thank God, modern technology has equipped us with good cameras!




Winter is my favourite season – falling snow, anticipation of the New Year, birthday, watching ice-hockey on Minsk-Arena and, of course, skiing!




Loving languages usually equals loving to travel. This is my case, as well. I’m lucky enough to have spent several birthdays, New Year’s Eves and just holidays abroad. It is not only interesting, it is also very inspiring for my job, blog and the general well-being. Looking back I see that those travels were the most exciting part of my life! My favourite city is Saint-Petersburg in Russia, where I’ve been so many times and want to visit more and more. My second favourite is Minsk in Belarus – so broad, comfortable, friendly and safe! My third favourite is Prague. I won’t continue my list, since it is so long. Just show you some pictures…

AllgäuBaden-BadenBodenseeBrestBruxellesFrankfurt am MainLuxembourgMinskMoscowMulhouseParisPetersburgPragueSamaraStrasbourg 24.12.2009Titisee


All these experiences and impressions are a good addition to my language classes. Having lived in three so different countries like Russia, Germany and Belarus has taught me to be open towards new people, who are different than me. To be more flexible because life is not always easy. And to enjoy every place where I am. Because there are no countries, cultures or languages that are not unique or beautiful in their own way!



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